Premium Crops has established itself as the leading specialist arable merchant for the UK.

They offer growers competitive seed to harvest buy-back contracts for a range of niche arable crops. 

Premium Crops pride themselves over the added value niche crops they buy and sell in the UK market. 

Here is a breakdown of the main crops they deal in:

- Linseed: This is both Winter and Spring varieties, with Winter varieties gaining more popularity over the past few years. The area is still split with a higher percentage being spring Linseed however due to its unique and highly valuable place in the rotation.

High Erucic Oilseed Rape (HEAR): With the same agronomics and similar plant traits to conventional and double-0 OSR, HEAR rape is produced and crushed for use in plastics and manufacteuring. This offers growers premiums of up to 20% per tonne to grow HEAR over standard OSR.

- Canary Seed: Canary Seed is a late sown spring break crop which solely enters the bird and pet food markets. It has gained large popularity over the past years with its low agronomic inputs yet high market price leading to very attractive gross margins for growers.

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