FarmPEP Steering Group Meeting 26 May 2022

Steering Group meeting

Many thanks to our Steering Group for a really good session on how to take FarmPEP forward. 

Some conclusions and highlights below:

  • Need to be clearer about what PEP is and how to engage - and the expected entry points
    • Need to better be able to visualise whats on the site, to see whats relevant to a user (without needing to be logged in) and whats new.
    • Suggest holding co-design workshops in July to plan Phase 2 for PEP
    • Crystallise the USP / value proposition for PEP for different users
    • Draw clear distinction between content types (Topics, Groups, Posts) using colours on the site
    • Shrink size of banners and some boxes so can see more on a page.
  • General agreement on initial focus to be on 'Connecting across Agriculture' aiming to link with all organisations ... don't complicate offer too much at outset.
  • Opportunities for sponsorship of wikipedia style summaries of Topics - focus on areas where there is currently misinformation & confusion.
  • Opportunities to integrate and link between PEP, NLAF and The Farming Forum being developed
  • Possibilities still exist for development of What Works Centre with AHDB & Defra
  • Open for use by Defra Farming Innovation Programme projects, including Research Starters
  • Configure site for Search Engine Optimisation
  • Have a notice saying the site is still being developed and include a feedback box / survey on the front page to gather views on what users really want


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Steering Group meeting