Sort crop nutrition and gain £500/field with YEN Nutrition

Farmers Weekly article from 2020:

Grain growers could gain £500/field if they get crop nutrition spot on, and this has prompted crop consultants Adas to launch an initiative to help achieve this benefit.

Cereal, oilseed and pulse growers will be able to get their grain analysed post-harvest this year for 12 essential crop nutrients, and so can make adjustment for next season to improve crop nutrition.

This is being launched as part of Adas’s Yield Enhancement Network (YEN) as YEN Nutrition, with Roger Sylvester-Bradley, head of crop performance at Adas, saying that crop nutrition is still a major challenge for even the best growers.

“If all nutrients are optimised, then the benefits would be £500/field. We think that grain analysis is providing a really useful measure of the ultimate success of crop nutrition,” says Prof Sylvester-Bradley.