Live Farmer is farm management software with a difference. It can be accessed on multiple devices, has a dedicated mobile app, and allows for live changes to current tasks. If there is an issue with a crop harvest, you can reroute your harvesters to other plots with a few taps on an iPad!

Since 2002, Live Farmer has been helping farmers to save time and money. And since we started using Amazon Web Services in 2009, we have had zero downtime, so you can rely on us to always be there for you.

Live Farmer is easy to use – simply log in to your user-specific account, enter and see live data, and make informed decisions every step of the way.

It’s easy to access, too – you can accurately record live data on an iPad in the middle of a field, an iPhone from the comfort of a tractor seat, or a computer in an office.

Reliable, secure and scalable, Live Farmer is your perfect farm planner software partner that can grow with you – and your profits – for years to come.

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