The Yorkshire Agricultural Society (YAS) is best known for organising the Great Yorkshire Show in July, but perhaps is lesser known for the work we do throughout the rest of the year. A registered charity, founded in 1837, YAS was established to promote agriculture in Yorkshire and our first objective was to run a major agricultural event.

Our objectives are:-

  • To support and promote agriculture, rural and allied industries throughout the North of England including championing the role of farmers as providers of high-quality produce and encouraging consumers to choose healthy and local produce.
  • To advance and encourage agricultural research and greater understanding and empathy with farming and the countryside amongst the general public and particularly children.
  • To advance and encourage the protection and sustainability of the environment.
  • To hold in pursuance of its main objectives an annual agricultural show.
  • For such charitable purposes as the Trustees in their absolute discretion see fit.

We deliver this through our charitable activities:-

Future Farmers of Yorkshire Future Farmers of Yorkshire inspires and develops the very best to lead Yorkshire’s agricultural industries to a thriving future.

Farmer Scientist Network Working to find new ways in which science and technology can underpin agricultural innovation. 

Yorkshire Rural Support Network Promoting and providing sources of help for farmers - whether practical, financial, medial or emotional. 

Women in Farming Brings women from farming and related industries together in the spirit of celebration, support and collaboration. 

Yorkshire Food Farming and Rural Network Champions the needs of farming, agri-food, rural business and communities.

To help fund the charitable work of the YAS, we developed first-class facilities on the Showground which could be operated commercially.

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