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Mitecontrol is a European research project to develop effective and sustainable treatment approaches to control PRM infestation using an integrated pest management (IPM) approach.

Project partners: Experimental Poultry Centre (Lead partner - BE), Université Paul-Valéry Montpellier 3 (FR), Institut Technique de l'Aviculture (FR), RSK ADAS Ltd (UK), Belgabroed nv (BE), KU Leuven (BE), Koppert BV (NL).

MiteControl project aims to jointly develop an integrated pest management (IPM) approach for controlling poultry red mite (PRM) on commercial farms. It aims to develop and test an innovative automated monitoring technique (smart digital farming), necessary for an early warning system to alert farmers that (extra) anti PRM treatments are needed.

In addition the project aims to develop, improve and trial promising non-chemical treatments as part of a novel IPM approach to control PRM in commercial laying hen systems. Three IPM strategies were developed and trialled on 12 case study farms across the UK, France and Belgium. Each strategy was based on the use of synergistic combinations of non-chemical treatment products, combined to improve their effectiveness together with employing good biosecurity and other non-chemical PRM population suppressive measures. PRM population growth was monitored regularly through traps placed in the poultry house and the monitoring information used to inform additional PRM control measures.

MiteControl developed IPM guides (which can be access below) to give practical information for farmers on red mite biology, monitoring methods and sustainable treatment approaches.


During the project, some videos were developed to share knowledge about Poultry Red Mites: 

The poultry red mite:

The monitoring:

Non-chemical treatments:

Integrated pest management:

IPM strategies tested in mitecontrol project:

Reportage on mitecontrol:

Video on the use of a feed additive:


Stick Trap method to monitor Redmites:

Carboard Trap method to monitor Redmites


MiteControl project website :

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