Agricultural research is conducted by a range of organisations, from individual farmers, through advisors, distributors, manufacturers, charities, societies, supply chain companies, levy bodies, universities and research institutes.  This page aims to connect across these often disparate sources.

Help us describe the agricultural research landscape in the UK.  Some of the key organisations are listed below:


Funders Research Organisations Universities
UKRI Rothamsted Aberystwyth
BBSRC John Innes Aberdeen
NERC James Hutton Institute Cranfield
STFC CEH Edinburgh
Innovate UK IBERS Harper Adams
AHDB RR North Wyke Leeds
PGRO Pirbright Newcastle
BBRO CIEL Nottingham
Defra CHAP Reading
Scottish Govt Agri-EPI Sheffield
Welsh Govt Agrimetrics Bangor
TMAF BGS Lincoln
Soil Association Roslin Hertfordshire
Innovative Farmers   SRUC
AIC FERA Cambridge Crop Science Centre
AICC Organic Research Centre UCD
AFCP STC Oxford University


Konfer is a useful web platform to find about research, researchers and funding opportunities. Zenodo connects research communities.

Many researchers use ResearchGate to share publications and projects.

All UKRI funded projects are listed on Gateway to Research

Defra projects are searchable at its Science & Projects site.

EU Farmbook is being developed to share outputs from all relevant EU & EIP-Agri projects.


Please add any organisations or useful resources that are missing in the comments below

Related Organisations

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Scottish Government, Welsh Government and DAERA should be included in the list of funders


Connected Content

Farm-PEP aims to bring together all the sources of useful knowledge for Agriculture, whether from academic science, applied research projects, industry trials, farmers own trials or simple on-farm experience. Listed below are useful websites, organisations and websites that we know of.  Add any we've missed in the comments box or by adding as new content, or better still, as a new Group.  

Farm-centric research generally involves On-Farm Experimentation and may be better described as 'Farm Action Research', i.e. research conducted at least in part by and for beneficiaries who also farm. 

Scotland’s Rural College (SRUC) was established in 2012 through the merger of the Scottish Agricultural College (SAC) with Barony, Elmwood and Oatridge Colleges. Through these institutions, we can trace our lineage back over 100 years.

AHDB commissions research and knowledge exchange on behalf of the Cereals, Oilseeds, beef, dairy, lamb and pig sectors

What web resources do you find useful to find and share knowledge?

The Department for Environment Food & Rural Affairs

We create diverse connections to drive positive change.

As the UK's centre of excellence for peas and beans, the PGRO has a long and highly valued track record of providing authoritative, up to date information and project work based on solid, reliable research.

The Farming Innovation Programme is part of Defra’s investment in innovation, research and development. Defra is partnering with UK Research and Innovation (UKRI) on the programme. 

British On-Farm Innovation Network initiated by Tom Allen-Stevens

Inferring the right conclusions from field trials is important - how confident can you be that a result is 'real' rather than due to the underlying noise? As part of the Farm-PEP FIP project we are working with BGS to explore the best ways to communicate confidence, uncertainty, significance, probability and value with farmers and growers.

Burleigh Dodds Science Publishing is a new, award winning publisher with a focus on sustainability in agriculture. Our books aim to provide a comprehensive review of the scientific research and developments in a given field, either focusing on a specific crop variety (for example wheat or potatoes), or looking at a thematic area (for example soil health, precision agriculture or conservation agriculture). The content of each book is comprehensive, ranging from genetics and breeding to welfare, nutrition and environmental issues, through to harvest. We aim to help agricultural researchers and agronomists address how to feed a growing population in the face of climate change and increasing competition for land, water and other resources by summarizing the current state of scientific knowledge in a specific area.   All content is available in traditional hardback and ebook formats, and also as part of our digital chapter database. More information at www.bdspublishing.com.  

DEFRA funding in partnership with Innovate UK, which is looking to support farmers, growers, and foresters who have a bold, ambitious idea. 

Following the TRUE and LegValue EU projects this LinkedIn group with over 100 members continues to share resources for those interested in legume crops,

We bring together bright young researchers and the most eminent in their fields. We stimulate and support their work. Then we celebrate the breakthrough ideas that emerge, and the difference they make to the world.

Funding available for research and knowledge exchange in the UK comes from a mix of public, industry and charitable sources

Rothamsted Research is a world-leading, non-profit research centre that focuses on strategic agricultural science to the benefit of farmers and society worldwide.

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We are a world-leading independent research organisation providing objective, expert geoscientific data, information and knowledge.

Countryside & Community Research Institute of the University of Gloucester

The Agriculture Knowledge & Innovation System

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The Morley Agricultural Foundation is a charity that supports farming in the East of England by funding agricultural research, student studies, professional development of farmers and others and a variety of educational projects for school age children.


A wide range of EU funded projects and networks contribute to the knowledge landscape in agriculture.

The Science and Technology Facilities Council (STFC) Food Network+ (SFN) brings together STFC researchers and facilities with research and industry in the agri-food sector.

EU FarmBook is a collection of vetted best practices for farmers & foresters. All content in the library is provided by Horizon research projects. 

Silsoe Spray Application Unit is an experienced internationally recognised facility for research, development and bespoke testing, relating to the characterisation of sprays and spray behaviour, with particular expertise in the application of agricultural pesticides.

it’s worth reflecting on why we export most of the pulse crop we produce in the UK, or simply fee

Innovate UK KTN helps organisations interested in AgriFood innovation access the expert informati

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