Emily Guest

I am a Research Fellow in Soil and Plant Science at Cranfield University, working on the Nitrogen Climate Smart (NCS) project, where I am researching the potential for legumes within crop rotations to reduce greenhouse gas emissions through improvements in soil health and nitrogen use efficiency. 

I completed my PhD at the University of Sheffield looking at the potential for grass-clover leys to improve soil structure and soil carbon storage in an arable rotation. You can find my major finding published from my PhD open-access here: https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0048969722054572 Following this, I was a crop research consultant at ADAS for two years, where I was involved in multiple projects including Cereal YEN and multiple legume and forage research projects. 

I have an interest in sustainable agro-ecosystems at the rotation scale, so am interested in getting involved with anything to do with grass/leys in rotation, break crops (e.g. oats, legumes) and improving the sustainability of livestock production through more farm-produced, or UK-grown feed. I also have an interest in bringing technology and information to agriculture, including metrics, dynamic benchmarking and remote sensing to inform decisions.