A new Defra forum which will bring together stakeholders to identify and improve collaborative working on shared issues facing the agricultural sector.

The UK Agricultural Partnership creates a forum for farmers, academics, researchers, businesses and policymakers across the UK to address common challenges. 

Together we hope to improve collaborative working and find innovative solutions to tackle biodiversity decline, meet net zero targets and grow high-quality food.

We see this as an opportunity to share our knowledge and world-leading research so that we can develop sustainable approaches to agriculture, reduce carbon emissions, and further increase farm productivity  

It’s a bold ambition, but we believe it can and it must be done if we are to tackle the most complex problems of our time.  


Read more on the Defra blogs:


Watch the first event below:


The second event was held at Daera in Northern Ireland in spring.

The third event focuses on Food Security and is at James Hutton Institute in Dundee Scotland on 4th July.



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