Daniel Kindred
Industry professional

Now started with Anglo American as Crop Scientist seeking to develop solutions for sustainable crop nutrition globally. Crop researcher with ADAS  Crop Physiologists from 2004-2022, looking to understand and improve crop yield and nitrogen efficiency through breeding, agronomy, soil management, measurement, precision farming technologies and experimentation. 

Co-founded the YEN in 2012 with Roger Sylvester-Bradley recognising that the best ideas and innovations often come from farmers and advisers, and that there is enormous potential from sharing experiences and data to understand what drives variation in performance and learn 'what works'.

Since 2014 we've been developing ADAS' Agronomics approach to enable robust conclusions to be drawn from farmers conducting their own Line Trials, collaborating globally on the growing movement for On-Farm Experimentation.

More recently we've brought together the YEN and Agronomics concepts with development of FarmPEP - Performance Enhancement Platform. We believe that the approach of working together with a shared conceptual framework, shared metrics, shared data, co-design of improved systems and co-ordinated on-farm testing.

This website represents the first pillar of FarmPEP, providing a space where everyone can share their experiences and synthesise a shared knowledge base, joining science with the power of farmer-generated knowledge.

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