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This new, practical manual with expert guidance, outlines six simple steps to identifying, assessing, and managing ash dieback.

Our free resource addresses the needs and expertise of both farmers, tree health experts and land managers and also takes a closer look at wider health and safety issues, legal obligations around felling and ways to reduce costs in managing the devastating disease.

The guide has been developed in collaboration with Forest Research, the University of Exeter, Fera and Defra, to enable farmers and landowners to make informed decisions and take the necessary steps to protect people, nature and their businesses from ash dieback and other tree health issues.

Alongside 'A Farmer's Guide to Ash Dieback', we have produced an exciting suite of explanatory videos which include relatable and practical examples of tree health management on-farm. The videos involve farmers, tree specialists and other industry representatives and feature drone footage, farmer case studies and illustrated guidance.


Download the guide below.

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