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An EU-Wide Farm Network Demonstrating and promoting cost-effective IPM Strategies.

IPMWORKS Networks will gather networks which are dedicated to farm demonstration and peer-to-peer knowledge exchange and which have recently been established, either at the EU level or at national or local levels, focusing on IPM or on other aspects of farming. For IPM, the identified national networks are the French DEPHY network, the IPM Farm Demo network in Germany, LEAF in the UK, GROEN in the Netherlands, and the recently launched PESTIRED farm-based project in Switzerland.

Besides the already established national networks 21 new hubs will be launched in 14 European countries. These new hubs are divided into 5 sectors and each hub will have 10-15 demo farmers within it. Apart from organising demonstration activities and from contributing to dissemination and communication, they will organise knowledge sharing among farmers and promote co-innovation activities to help farmers design their own IPM strategies.

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ADAS provides ideas, specialist knowledge and solutions to secure our food and enhance the environment. We understand food production and the challenges and opportunities faced by organisations operating in the natural environment

Integrated Pest Management highlights the growth of a healthy crop with the least possible disruption to agro-ecosystems and encourages natural pest control mechanisms. IPM is one of the tools for low-pesticide-input pest management, and IPM must now be implemented by all professional agchem users.

Funding available for research and knowledge exchange in the UK comes from a mix of public, industry and charitable sources

Crop protection refers to practices and measures employed in agriculture to safeguard crops from both biotic (pests, diseases and weeds) and abiotic (environmental factors) stresses. They key goal of crop production is to maintain crop productivity, health and quality whilst minimising yield losses.

FarmPEP aims to connect the many networks, communities and groups across Agriculture. Add your network as a Group and connect to the 'Networks' Topic to have your network show up below. 

The IPM Decisions project will create an online platform that is easy to use for the monitoring and management of pests. Access the platform now at https://platform.ipmdecisions.net/  

LEAF (Linking Environment And Farming) is the leading charity organisation delivering more sustainable food and farming. They work with farmers, the food industry, scientists and consumers, to inspire and enable sustainable farming that is prosperous, enriches the environment and engages local communities.

A wide range of EU funded projects and networks contribute to the knowledge landscape in agriculture.

Networking European Farms to Enhance Cross Fertilisation and Innovation Uptake Through demonstration (NEFERTITI) - a unique 7 M€ Network (selected under Horizon 2020, Societal Challenge 2, RUR 12-2017 call) comprising 32 partners and coordinated by ACTA, the head of Network of the French Agricultural Technical Institutes.

We are establishing a network of farms to share knowledge and data on the application and impact of IPM strategies with the aim to better understand the effectiveness of IPM approaches on farm yield and profitability, and support sustainable, productive systems with no pesticide inputs wasted. We’ve had some initial funding from Defra to design the network, and now we are moving into a pilot phase.