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An EU-wide network to support and promote solutions for alternative weed control.  
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Farmers taking part in and getting paid for on-farm trials as part of the NCS Project.
Global Sustainable Futures Progress through Partnerships Network
Introduction   Climate change will significantly impact agriculture, forestry and the food industry, and the impact will change over time. The change in local and global climate conditions will…
Lettuce in soil
Good soil management is essential to maintain a wide range of ecosystem services, including sustainable food production, water regulation and carbon storage, and to minimise diffuse pollution of the…
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A transdisciplinary hub looking to provide to bridge the gap between science and policy to achieve Net Zero
I propose Communities Carbon Calculator, which is about designing eco-friendly, low-carbon, energy-efficient, resilient and sustainable production and consumption systems for the diverse…
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The development of a forage network which will recommend a pathway to gaining optimum benefits from forages through realistic actions​. This project, which runs from September 2023 for 6 months, will…
IPM NET is a new initiative which aims to improve the practical understanding and application of integrated pest management (for pests, weeds and diseases) for farmers,  and inform policy design…
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A project run by ADAS and HMC Peas, under a programme of and funded by the European Space Agency. The project aims to use satellite imagery to estimate final yield of vining peas, to maximise the…
Help us to understand attitudes towards SFI schemes and IPM uptake by completing this survey. Anyone completing the survey is entitled to claim a £10 voucher.