HESTIA – Harmonized Environmental Storage and Tracking of the Impacts of Agriculture – is an online platform to enable the sharing of food sustainability data in a structured, open source and…
Farm491 cie
Business and Innovation Mentoring Course from Farm491 and RAU. We’re excited to launch our very own online course which can be accessed by any entrepreneur across the world. The course encompasses…
GYGA logo
A global initiative led by Wageningen, University of Nebraska and others to estimate yield potential and yield gaps across the world.
Farm Data Top Tips from Yagro
Tips from Yagro's Emma on how to get the best out of your farm data.
Pasture Optimisation for Resilience and Livelihoods (PASTORAL) will work with farmers to co-design a new digital platform to help improve data to inform on-farm decision making to increase farm…
Cofund on Sustainable Crop Production from EU ERA-NET programme
Anglian Water logo
This innovative project will protect The Fens from the impacts of climate change, like flooding and drought, and show how collaboration can change the way we think about managing water in our…
Screenshot of LandCover+ Crop Map
Map of crop type for every field in the UK since 2016, produced by CEH & RSAC. 
Preview of Farmers Guardian webpage
The School of Sustainable Food and Farming Journey to Net Zero Competition is looking to support the development or implementation of a system, process or processes which will have a positive,…
Co-ordinating Global Wheat Research