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A new report from A Bigger Conversation highlights the unique needs and perspectives – and values-based choices – of agroecological farmers when it comes to agricultural technologies.
CAP2ER Framework
With CAP'2ER®, carry out the environmental assessment of a farm online in a few minutes
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The BroilerNet project involves a bottom-up approach to identify challenges and innovation needs for broiler farmers in Europe, and to collect promising and already successfully implemented Good…
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This webinar considers the opportunities and technologies available for breeding new varieties of vegetables in the future.
4 tramline field trial
Comprehensive nutritional programme based on tissue analysis. Four tramlines to receive a small amount of Amide N to in an attempt to prolong flowering, boost pod development and seed size.
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Discover the world's top agtech products.
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The bean YEN (Yield Enhancement Network) was started in 2019 as a partnership between ADAS and PGRO, and a group of enthusiastic growers and the support of sponsors including key developmental…
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The traditional cultivation of maize is accompanied by numerous mechanical cultivations and the application of herbicides.
Learn about organic fruit production with this podcast