Graph of bean growth stages through time
The bean YEN (Yield Enhancement Network) was started in 2019 as a partnership between ADAS and PGRO, and a group of enthusiastic growers and the support of sponsors including key developmental…
This report aims to provide new insights into the economic contribution that the Scottish potato sector makes beyond the often cited farmgate value of potato production.
The multi-year trial, monitored by PGRO, will be evaluating a few aspects of including legumes in a standard crop rotation. Objectives: To evaluate how to maximise the output of legumes in a crop…
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Because variables such as temperature and humidity have a profound effect on the activity of crop pests, diseases and natural enemies, the ability to monitor environmental conditions within a crop…
Cows and calf
The performance of a suckler beef herd is significantly impacted by poor cow and calf health.
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As part of Countryside COP, NSA hosted a webinar on Wednesday 22nd November at 7pm to talk about the use of genetics to tackle methane emissions on sheep farms.
Bracken and fern landscape
This 16-page bulletin helps producers—and the educators who work with them—use ecological principles to design farm-wide approaches to control pests.
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The Nutrient Management Guide (RB209) helps you make the most of organic materials and balance the benefits of fertiliser use against the costs – both economic and environmental.
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This manual provides an in-depth review of the applications of crop rotation-including improving soil quality and health, and managing pests, diseases, and weeds.