Jordana Rivero-Viera

Jordana Rivero is the Head of Grazing Livestock Systems at Rothamsted Research and the inaugural Chair of the Global Farm Platform. Her research covers various aspects of the sustainability of grazing livestock systems, such as pasture and grazing management, animal performance and emissions, forage quality, and breeding objectives for multiple livestock species. Jordana began her career in Uruguay, where she developed breeding goals and breeding objectives for dairy cattle under pasture-based systems. In 2013, she earned a PhD in Agricultural Science from the Universidad Austral de Chile, gaining experience in grazing systems and NIRS applied to feeds and animal products. Jordana also collaborated on the characterisation of a creole sheep breed, studying grazing behaviour and meat quality. During her postdoctoral fellowship, she investigated the joint effect of agronomic management and cultivar of perennial ryegrass on the performance and nutrient use efficiency of grazing dairy cows. In her current role at Rothamsted Research, Jordana is leading various research projects related to nutrient flow efficiency through the soil-plant-animal continuum, animal behaviour and welfare, animal genetic selection, grazing systems, sward diversity, and key performance indicators. Jordana is also an active member of the NBRI North Wyke Farm Platform (Devon), where she works on grazing management of beef and sheep, pasture production/utilisation, animal behaviour and product quality.

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