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Find out how a strategic approach to feeding and weaning can help get the most out of your dairy-beef genetics.

The webinar includes insights from Bianca Theeruth from Cargill, Georgina Thomas from Trouw Nutrition GB, Jessica Cooke from Volac International Ltd, Emma Bleach from Harper Adams University and Ann Coombes from ForFarmers. Laura Palczynski from Innovation for Agriculture chairs the discussion. The Calf Action Network is tackling the challenges associated with calf rearing. Complete the survey to share your views and contribute towards the development of support and services that can positively impact youngstock management on farms: https://bit.ly/calf-survey


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Dairy production is a critical component of the agriculture industry focused on the sustainable production of milk and milk-derived products.

The livestock industry is an integral part of the agricultural sector, encompassing various aspects of animal husbandry and production. It plays an important role in global food security and supports the livelihoods of millions of people worldwide.

Animal nutrition plays a crucial role in livestock agriculture for several reasons, as it directly impacts the health, productivity, and overall wellbeing of farm animals.

Innovation for Agriculture (IfA) is an independent knowledge exchange charity that aims to bridge the gap between science and practice. 

Beef production encompasses various stages, from breeding and rearing to processing and distribution.