White Horse Energy is a leading domestic biomass energy supplier in the UK.

We deliver wood pellets, kiln dried firewood and wood briquettes throughout the UK. We are the largest supplier of our type in the country and have achieved this position through a commitment to product quality backed up by a passionate customer service team.


White Horse Energy announces that our biomass innovation project has been selected to proceed into Phase 2 of the UK government’s Biomass Feedstocks Innovation Programme, concluding in March 2025.

With this three-year funding commitment from the UK’s Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy, White Horse Energy will partner with Metitron GmbH, a leading engineering company based in Germany, on developing a transportable mobile pelletisation technology able to operate behind the farm gate in processing a range of energy crops and innovative agricultural residues year-round.

Our intention is for this innovation to unlock a significant new supply of domestically sourced, sustainably produced pellets for the UK energy market as it seeks to fully decarbonise. We look forward to working closely with both farmers and end users of pellets across the UK to bolster the UK’s position as a global pioneer in green agriculture and low-carbon technologies.

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Share information, knowledge, resources and experience on how we can improve crop perfomance (yield, quality and profitability) whilst reducing reliance on input, reducing impacts and improving environmental performance.

Arable crops in the UK make up just under half of the farmed area (3.9M ha out of 9M ha)

Perennial biomass crops like miscanthus and short rotation coppice have the potential to meet energy demands as renewable fuels, helping to reduce GHG emissions and strive towards Net Zero.

Expanding Domestic Biomass in the UK UK PARLIAMENT POST, JANUARY 2023 Bio

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