Christina Baxter

Christina has been part of the ADAS Crop Physiology team since 2017, prior to this completing a PhD at Reading University focussing on improving wheat root length density at depth in the soil profile to increase water and nutrient capture later in the season. Within her role at ADAS Christina works on a range of applied research projects to sustainably improve crop performance in our main arable crops, working with key players across the industry including farmers, advisors, academia, industry representatives and government. Areas of research Christina focusses on include:

  • Carbon accounting of our crop products: calculating the GHG emissions from on-farm data associated with crop production and advising farmers on how they can mitigate these GHG emissions. This work includes leading the industry network YEN Zero.
  • Improving rooting performance in our main arable crops: working on a range of projects to better understand how we can optimise crop breeding and soil management to ensure crop roots can access sufficient water and nutrients in our soils to reach their yield potential.
  • Enhancing phosphorus use efficiency: investigating approaches and better understanding how crop uptake of the nutrient phosphorus can be improved to ensure it is not limiting for the crop or causing negative environmental impacts to our farmed landscapes