Wheat lead with drops
Foliar sprays can be more efficient than feeding crops via the soil.  Potentially they can be more targeted, cheaper, and less environmentally damaging than soil-mediated crop nutrition.    But this…
Earthworms are known as ecosystem engineers due to their ability to structurally, chemically and biologically transform the soil environment in which they live.
Podcasts and video channels for agriculture
cover crop (from Maxi-CC report)
Cover crops are grown primarily to ‘protect or improve’ soils between periods of regular crop production. They can be effective at improving soil functions by increasing soil nutrient and water…
There is a lot of interest in soil carbon currently, due to the opportunity to store and sequester carbon in soil. It is also vital for soil health, forming part of soil organic matter.
Manure spreader
Organic materials, including livestock manures, biosolids, compost and digestate contain valuable plant nutrients which can save farmers money on their fertiliser bills, and organic matter which can…
Advisors play a crucial role in supporting & progressing knowledge exchange in agriculture.
Wheat lodging
Lodging is the permanent displacement of plant stems from their vertical position and usually only occurs after flowering. It commonly occurs in many crop species including all cereals, oilseed rape…
Managing nutrients effectively is crucial for our soils, crops, livestock and environment. There are many resources and initiatives available to help. 
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